Welcome to Consumersforinternetcompetition.com

Consumersforinternetcompetition.com was created based on the simple principle that young investors, mainly college students cannot invest in the same way that adults, career personnel, institutions, or even Jim Cramer can and do. College investors are generally limited by their expendable trading capital, and therefore are hugely affected by the transactional costs, limiting the number of shares bought. While a $.50 or $1 price increase may mean profits for the average investor, and excite Wall Street analysts, a college investor may have yet to even cover the transaction costs, and may not cover the transaction costs without a large price increase. All of this however, does not mean that you can't invest or be successful in your investments as a college student. New technology and the introduction of cheap online brokerage firms have made it easier for amateurs to invest. The tools that used to be reserved for the trading desks at Fortune 500 financial firms are now online for anyone to use. Stock screeners, interactive charts, strategy testing, forecasting models, and live market data make it possible to safely and cheaply venture into the financial markets.

Consumersforinternetcompetition stands as a resource and gathering place for all college students and young people trying to invest in today’s market. The information, articles, tutorials, and reviews on Consumersforinternetcompetition are tailored specifically for the college investor. We take the time to find what is relevant for investors our own age. Consumersforinternetcompetition also wants to provide a place for college students to share ideas and strategies with other peers. Therefore, we have created the Consumersforinternetcompetition forum, where you can go and discuss current market news that affects young investors, different trading strategies, and hot securities. Our goal is to create an internal stock market game where members can choose stocks each month, and compete against one another on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Finally, at Consumersforinternetcompetition.com we understand that your future in the business world is important to you, and therefore we are working to create an internship/job review database where members can read up on their peers experiences at different jobs and firms, as well as post their own experiences. We will also be providing other helpful tools to aid you in your job/internship search. So stay tuned as we continue to grow and provide the right information to make you a better investor.